Cell-Based Assays

Cellular Uptake Assay

Cell-based uptake assays can be used to measure either the transport or internalization of labeled compounds into cells or the potency of unlabled test compounds in inhibiting this transport.  Labeled substances can be neurotransmitters, metabolites, drugs or proteins.  Applications include:

Release Assays

Radiometric release assays can be used to quantify the efflux of labeled substances from cells.  Efflux can be via membrane ion channels, membrane transport or from cell lysis.  Applications include:



Fig 1.

Synaptosome Uptake inhibition assay

transporter binding assay

Inhibition of [3H]dopamine uptake into rat brain synaptosomes by the dopamine transport inhibitors, GBR 12909 and cocaine (left panel), shown in comparison with inhibition of [3H]mazindol binding (right panel).

Fig 2.

86Rb efflux assay

Stimulation of 86Rb+ efflux from SH-SY5Y cells by the nicotinic receptor agonists, epibatidine and nicotine

Fig 3.

Celllular kinetic assay

Loss of 125I-labeled trastuzimab from SKBr3 cells, following addition of a saturating concentration of unlabelled antibody to the medium